We are in India since 1904

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Missionary Work in India Since 1904

The establishment of the Society of J.M.J. in India founded by Fr.Mathias Wolff S.J. was closely associated with the ‘ Mill – hill missionaries.
Mgr. John Alen a Mill hill missionary, a Dutch priest, was sent to India, in the region, now known as Andhra Pradesh. Guntur was the centre of the Telugu mission; Bishop J.Alen chose to reside there. In the midst of his administrative responsibilities Bishop Alen’s chief concerns were the uplift of the marginalized and welfare services for the poor women.
Bishop Alen requested the Superior General Mother Seraphine Pullens in Holland to send few sisters to India.

Consequently the small group of sisters were sent to India, Andhra Pradesh, Guntur. Sisters arrived Guntur on the 28th February 1904.

They were:

Sr. Seraphine Kluchen
Sr. Michacli Sehouten
Sr. Elsa Van Helen
Sr. Lebuini Debets
Sr. Xaviereni Gijsman
Sr. Elizabeth Helsloot
Sr. Stanislas Terwind