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J.M.J formation is person oriented, contextualized and integral. Formation is a process of growing into the likeness of Christ , The primary end of formation is to initiate the Formee to God’s unique call, in the specific charism, Spirituality, Ministry and Mission of our congregation. Formation of us and the new members of our society is continuous process of updating and adapting to the challenging situations and needs and putting on the mind of Christ . In other words, the final objective of Consecrated life is not just any ideal of perfection, lnor is it a specific operational availability of the individual or the group, but it is the formation in the heart of the consecrated person ,to have the “sentiments of the Son”

Fomeees respond to God’s call in tune with the Charism of the society. The formee are initiated to discern ,discover and respond to God’s unique call in the specific Charism ,Spirituality ‘ministry and mission of our Congregation. This identity is necessary not only for the maturity of the members in order to live and work in conformity with the foundational Charism, but also for the identity and unity of the institute.

Formation of the young is a matte of greatest importance to the society. The thrust of formation must enable them to grow in freedom, so that vocational values and ideals are internalized and personalized. Thus the formees are led to a deep inner freedom of heart. Thus formation must facilitate personal growth and self awareness and conscious motivation for ongoing conversion, so that they can gradually acquire a mature sense of out look to form themselves in freedom with responsibility.

Stages of Formation Pre-Postulancy:

The Congregation must create a climate for our young persons in which they can live ,together with other members from their out look on Church and world. The new members bring freshness of life and new ideas, but it has to be developed in the spirit of our charism.

At the same time the Society must take note, of the marvels and innate goodness of each Formee, to flourish and reach the highest development and growth for the good of the individual, the Society and the world at large.

The candidate (pre-postulant) must be open to guidance given in order that she may form herself . It is necessary to introduce them to our apostolic life by way of explaining and partly involving them and witnessing the apostolic work carried out in our communities.

The specific vocation and character of our society, namely ‘An ever Adaptable Apostolic Availability’ should appeal to them


When a person feels drawn to experience the life and ministry of the J.M.J Congregation, She makes it known to the Provincial Superior. After a proper dialogue with the Formee, she is accepted to the Society officially by handing over the Medal of our Holy patrons, Jesus Mary and Joseph. She makes 5 days retreat prior to her entrance to Postulancy.

The period of Postulancy generally lasts for one year. The proivincial Superior, with the consent of her Council may extent for another six months time for good reasons.


After having lived the period of Postulancy for one year, and has attained the required human and Christian maturity, the Postulant may make known her wish in writing to the Provincial Superior.

The Provicial Superior, after a proper dialogue with the Postulant and in consulatation with her council admints the postulant to the Novite. The postulant makes a retreat of 8 days prior her entrance to Novitiate. Novitiate is the beginning of the life in the society and is a time of intensive formation.

During the Novitiate the novice tests herself , finding our whether the life chosen by her, as defined in the Constitutions, inspires her and affords her the opportunity of realizing her idals. She must seriously try to find her place in the Society.

Novice on her side puts herself open to our Charism and to the guidance given. Ultimately it is she herself bears the responsibility of her formation. The young novice decides to grow into mature person, who can laungc our with freedom and responsibility in the service to the kingdom.

A novice, who has the genuine vocation to the religious life, will have strong faith, love for prayer, readiness to sacrifice, call to service and a life of communication & Commitment.

The Novitiate lasts for two years

The Novitiate lasts for two years. This period covers the canonical year. The Provincial Superior with the consent of her council may, extend the the time of novitiate for a good reason, but not more than 6 months.

Besides the programme given during the first year, the second year is concentrated on apostolic formation and Consecration of the novice to Lord. The Lord is the foundation and ultimate aim of a novice.

1st Profession                                                                                                                                     

A Novice makes her vows for 3 years. Vows are made to God in the presence of the Church and the Society. So it is a 3 dimensional covenant, ie God, through the Church and the Society. This indicates the seriousness of the act of talking the vows.


After the first profession made at the close of the noviciate, there is a period of six to nine years, before the final commitment when sisters are placed in different communities either engaged in one or the other apostolate or in furthering their professional training.

“Formation is an ongoing process. This demands that spiritual knowledge be constantly kept up; thus the personal spiritual development of the sisters promotes our apostolic endeavour an indispensable requirement for all forms of apostolate is being well informed about and keeping abreast of contemporary thinking” (Const. Art. No. 74) Each sister takes up the responsibility to grow spiritually and integrate the various aspects of her life. Involved in the realities of the world today and inspired by the unique role played by our holy patrons – Jesus Mary and Joseph, in the plan of salvation, we are called to grow in living our consecrated life, day by day, with deep commitment and conviction.

The Society offers ample opportunities at every stage through seminars, courses, meetings, interactions etc; to learn, to be enlightened and transformed.