We are in India since 1904

Society of JESUS MARY JOSEPH Hyderabad Province
  • JMJ Provincelate,

  • Somajiguda, Hyderabad

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  • Monday to Saturday

Pastoral & Evangelization

Pastoral care and evangelization go hand in hand. Evangelization is an important and major aspect of pastoral care and every pastoral activity leads of evangelization. The image of Christ the Teacher was stamped on the spirit of the apostles and the first disciples, “Go and make disciples of all nations: baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Remember, I will be with you till the end of Life.

JMJ’s in Pastoral Care / Evangelization

The mandate of Jesus, accepted and lived literally by our venerable founder Fr. Mathias Wolff, was passed on to our early sisters. It has come so powerfully and seriously in the heart of every JMJ Sisters, that for most JMJ’s their motivation for becoming a JMJ is to involve in Catechetical and Evangelical work. Even in Holland, Pastoral Care preceded the education apostolate.

Our Dutch pioneers who landed in India 100 years ago started this ministry straight away through their life of sacrifice and their life example. They co – operated with the Bishops and Priests in every type of pastoral and Catechetical work in the local Church. They regularly visited and instructed the Christian and non – Christian communities in the far off villages even in urban areas. They usually stayed overnight with the poor in the villages, adjusted themselves wonderfully to the very many inconveniences like travel, culture, food, shelter, language, climate and weather. Their presence was a blessing to the people and in particular they found in the sisters loving mothers who had genuine interest and concern for the people and shared in their struggles and problems. Through their endeavor, the Christian communities have increased, from one single parish, they developed into five to six sub – parishes at one large centre. The educational Institutions and the Health Care ( Hospital ) centres, depict Christian values in their day to day labour and selfless service and thus spread the Good News to their beneficiaries. Catechetical instructions and pastoral care are given in these apostolates too.