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Society of JESUS MARY JOSEPH Hyderabad Province
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Health Care System

Today: The tiny seed that was sown in Guntur and nourished with great love and generosity by the missionaries and no less  by the daughters of the soil had grown and branched out to the various parts of the country. The ever changing and progressing society with its scientific and technological advances had its impact on J.M.J. Health Care System. The Society moved parallel to the changing times and tried to keep its services abreast of the latest scientific tempo to a certain extent. As such, some of our hospitals in the cities and towns have become referral centers.

Our health care system comprises of a number of departments: Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Orthopedics, Neurology, Physiotherapy, Dialysis, Cardiac departments: ICCU, A.M.C. together with private and general wards, and Operation Theatres. All the departments are well equipped with modern sophisticated equipment. Highly qualified and experienced and dedicated staff care for the various departments. The Society has Dispensaries and Health Centers in rural areas.

The “Tender Loving Care Home” (T.L.C.H.), in St. Theresa’s Hyderabad is a sweet home for the unwanted and the abandoned innocent babies. Ere, they receive tender loving care. Hundreds of babies’ lives are saved and they find loving parents and families in turn get united in bonds of love with the adoption of a child from T.L.C. Home. The home is recognized as an adoption centre. It possesses a license for “Adoption” national and international. At T.L.C. Home, no baby is unwanted and no baby is considered an “orphan”. The excitement and joy that is write large on the faces of the parents of adoption make us feel that it’s all worth while.

Dr. Mary Glowrey – Sisters Mary of the Sacred Heart

The medical apostolate of the Society of J.M.J in India will be incomplete without presenting a portrait of late Dr. Mary Glowrey of happy memory.  In 1920, a highly qualified Australian lady doctor in her thirties arrived in India to join the society of J.M.J.  The coming of Dr. Mary Glowry ushered in a new era and was a turning point and a milestone in the Health Care mission of the JMJ sisters in India.  She virtually revolutionized the Catholic Medical Mission in India.  Verily Dr. Mary is a most precious, unique and timely gift of the Good God to the Society in India.  Dr. Mary Glowry was the first lady to be admitted to the society of J.M.J other than the Dutch.  Form then on, she is known as Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart, a name dear to her.

Sr. Mary the Sacred Heart was a woman of vision and deep foresight. She was concerned not only with the immediate relief of the suffering, but also very much concerned the planning for the future medical services in India.

As a prophet, she visualized great potentialities in having an Association and a Catholic Medical College for efficient catholic health services. In 1943, the CATHOLIC HOSPITAL ASSOCIATION OF INDIA (CHAI) was born out of nothing. Truly, a genesis of dynamic initiative of Sr. Mary Glowrey – CHAI is the strongest link uniting catholic medical apostolate throughout the length and breadth of India.

Miss Margaret Barrett – Sister Peter Julian: In ways that are mysterious and marvelous God brought one more Australian vocation. The spirit breathes where it lasted. Miss Margaret Barrett, a Pharmaceutical Chemist in her late forties arrived in Guntur, India, in 1947 to join the Society. Miss Margaret desired very much and longed to do as a missionary to China. But every time when she came to take a decision, something used to hold her back and seemed to direct her attention to the Indian mission for which she felt absolutely no urge whatsoever. Miss Margaret made a novena to our Blessed Mother for a definite sign and with determination to abide by that sign. The sign came in a very interesting way.