We are in India since 1904

Society of JESUS MARY JOSEPH Hyderabad Province
  • JMJ Provincelate,

  • Somajiguda, Hyderabad

  • 08:00 - 6:00

  • Monday to Saturday

We work on the forefront of innovation and technology and are “Always ready for souls and I want to labour as a giant” are the words said and practiced by Rev. Fr. Mathias Wolff S.J.


Jesus Mary Joseph, is the name of the Congregation. The sisters of this Congregation are called J.M.J sisters, after the name of Jesus Mary Joseph.

The name Jesus Mary Joseph, was given by our Founder at the time of founding this Society / Congregation, in the year 1822. According to our Founder every sisters of this Society, is called up on to involve themselves in the plan of salvation, to build up the Lord’s world, like that of Jesus Mary Joseph. After the example of Jesus Mary Joseph, the sisters of J.M.J are to carry out, Jesus’ Ministry of liberation, by involving themselves in building up His world.

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The seven Dutch Missionary Pioneer Sisters arrived in India on 24th Feb 1904 in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. The beginnings of the society of JMJ Education edifice dates back to June 1904. With a few children from the villages, the sisters started a small Lower Elementary School. Though the sisters were full of enthusiasm the children were the least interested in learning. They were more comfortable with carefree village life than to sit in a class room and learn.

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